Blockchain Coffee – Limu Ethiopia
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Do you want to sip some of this delicious Blockchain coffee?

This coffee is grown in the Limu Genet zone, Kaffa region, Birthplace of coffee. Great place to start a revolution. Together with 340 individual farmers with less than 1 hectare (So no COOP or commercial farm!) we have worked hard to reach the premiere league finals. The coffee is fully washed: hand-picked, pre-sorted, floated, pulped, wet fermented for 12 hours, soaked and washed, dried on raised beds and dry-milled all done by the FairChainFarming team in which local lead famers work together with top agronomy expert from Wageningen & Jimma University. A big thanx to Kilil and Mesfin for their inspiring guidance.

The roast profile is designed by our team of Q-graders and roast experts. Light roasted perfect for filter and Hario. As espresso is looses some of its intensity but will still thrill you with dynamic and complex flavor signatures.

Geek stuff >  Aroma: The dry aroma is creamy, buttery, winey, with a hint of milk chocolate. Flavor: Green apple, pineapple,  -ascara and peach with a hint of nougat. After taste of jasmine tea. True to type, you can expect tropical fruit flavors and candy sweetness with a delicate aftertaste. But Phoeee you don’t have to be a Q-grader to enjoy all this but for those used to bitter and dark roasted coffee.. be aware.


Do you want to sip some of this delicious Blockchain coffee?