Blockchain is the great lie detector of our times. Blockchain introduces much needed transparency to an industry that’s big on purchasing certificates, but small on delivering on its grand promises.  

Lie Detector

Blockchain provides a reliable and transparent system for tracking every single transaction in the value chain, right down to what smallholder farmers are paid and when. What’s more, it shifts value to where it belongs, facilitating efficient digital payment to directly the farmer, no more middlemen.  Blockchain is a giant step towards fairness. It is decentralized, unalterable and publicly available.

Blockchain makes shared value chains and inclusive business model possible. Read more.


Follow the Money

FairChain goes beyond certification. Over the past few decades, major coffee multinationals profited dearly off the labor of smallholder coffee farmers in developing countries.  Today, coffee-producing countries receive just 2% of the added value of the typical cup of coffee.

We are about to embark on a new coffee venture by introducing Blockchain technology to our FairChain smallholder farmers in Limu, Ethiopia. 

BlockChain will be key in our ambition to drive value  to the farmers, give them acces to credit and work towards a living Income.

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